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STORM - Software for Modelling of Water Management Systems

STORM is a software tool programmed for different areas of water management and hydrology.

The main features & applications are planning of sustainable stormwater management, general drainage planning, aspects of river ecology and flood protection.

Other features are the graphical user interface, GIS connection, several import and export functions, and automated reporting.

The design of (centralized or decentralized) systems can optionally be carried out with design storms or long-term simulation. The pollution load calculation (according to DWA-A 128) is possible as well as the calculations of runoff loads and concentrations. Load and water balances can be calculated as a basis for immission concerns by the Water Protection Law. Basically, STORM is very well suited for catchment-based issues (Stormwater Management, Water Framework Directive, Flood risk management directive).

Additionally STORM now offers runoff prediction modeled by accessing virtual rain gauges (in cooperation with HST) three days in advance.

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