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STOAT - Software for dynamic modelling of WWTP

STOAT is a program for comprehensive modeling and simulation of long-term treatment plants. It is distributed by the British company WRc Plc and is available as freeware. The engineering company Prof. Dr. Sieker mbH offers widespread services related to the use of STOAT.
Based on the generally accepted activated sludge models ASM1, 2, 2d and 3 any configuration of simple processes to complex systems in WWTP can be mapped and test, both for the local as well as for the industrial sector.
STOAT can be used to optimise the hydraulics as well as the energy and material flow of existing or planned WWTPs.

Classical conditionings with stormwater overflow and activated sludge tank

Dynamic Long-Term Simulation

With STOAT arbitrarily long time series can be used as input for the dynamic simulation. These include not only volumes and loads for the sewage and sludge section, but also operational data of the respective systems and control signals from PID, fuzzy and PLC controllers. Thus, the behavior of sewage treatment plant is presented transparently, so that it's behavior can be predicted in case of any modifications.

Sludge drift modelling

Balancing of Degradation Processes and Energy Consumption

Various possibilities for the representation of the temporal and spatial dynamics are available. For instance detailed illustrations and mass balances of all parameters in the ASM models are displayed in each individual treatment stage. Additional parameters such as the consumend air in the activated sludge tank can help to optimize energy consumption, while increasing process efficiency and stability.

Dissolved substance concentration in the aeration tank
Ammonium concentration in the secondary clarifier
Sankey flow diagram

Additional Features

  • simple data export to external spreadsheets
  • storage of all results in the known .mdb database format
  • "In simulation-Report" - real-time display of any processes during simulation (e.g. filling volumes, phosphate concentration, suspended solids, etc.)
  • extensive calibration capabilities of ASM and ADM models

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