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Software FLEXT - Flexible Expert Tool

Determination of decentralization potential for stormwater management in urban areas

The program FLEXT (Flexible Expert Tool) is a Visual Basic 6.0 system.

It is an independent program in which, formulations can be easily implemented to solve various problems. GIS data (databases in .dbf or .mdb format) can be used as input data.

The software FLEXT enables automated intersection in GIS processing and is a tool for Decision Support. The main components consist of: The "Knowledge Base" (file with the decision matrix), the "inference engine" (automated decision making) and the "user interface".

Individual components of FLEXT


One possible application is the areal determination of decentralized measures in a catchment area. Various factors (soil, geology, groundwater and slope) affect the implementation of decentralized measures within a site; FLEXT provides decision support under a wide range of parameters variations. The software has already been successful used in creating the management map for the "Emscher" project (see Fig. 2).

Decision Tree, as it was displayed in FLEXT and determines automatically the optimal rainwater management type

In the "Knowledge Base" Operating rules are formulated (if - then), they feed from all influencing parameters according to the already set classification in the decision tree. The operating rules may be tabulated or graphed.

Tabular and graphical input modes in FLEXT

The Run Time mode requires the complete classification of all factors and arrangements within the so-called decision tree (figure below).

It also gives the opportunity to append the factors manually for individual surfaces, or automatically with GIS (Run GIS orientated).

The GIS-based intersection works only with “GIS GeoMedia” from the company “Intergraph“. “GIS GeoMedia” can read and export shapefiles.

Result of a single query for rainwater management recommendation

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