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Wastewater Register Update for “Dow Olefinverbund”


The regulation on requirements for the discharge of wastewater into receiving waters (German wastewater regulation - AbwV) requests the preparation of a wastewater register of plants that are assigned to the chemical industry. This applies both to compliance with the general requirements mentioned in §7a  of the German Water Resources Act and secondly to demonstrate parameter related emissions. The general requirements relating to compliance with the best available techniques (BAT), intends to reduce volume flows and emissions through integrated measures and by use of water-saving techniques. The parameters related emissions have to be determined for e.g. COD, TIN, Phosphorous, AOX and heavy metals. Representative emissions must be calculated in order to compare them with an actual target and to prove the compliance with prescribed limits.


The chemical parks of” Schkopau” and “Böhlen” produce a non-negligible proportion of indirect emissions. Thus the infrastructure should provide an opportunity to analyze and optimize the operation of the waste water treatment plant.

The changing legal classification of direct to indirect dischargers requires the reclassification to one of the many attachments of the German wastewater regulation and their weighting in the mixed calculations of the respective target load calculations. The German wastewater regulation sets standards for water quality at source, prior to blending with other wastewaters and the place of discharge of effluent into the receiving waters. The creation or update of the wastewater register was done with the software EnviDat company RISA Sicherheitsanalysen GmbH.

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Period: 2013 - 2015

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