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UWC Urban Water Cycle


Within the context of the European Framework Directory, the goal of the project Urban Water Cycle (UWC) is to investigate and prove how the urban water cycle, with all its functions, can be optimized in an urban context.

Technical recommendations for water management planning will be formulated across all Europe with a special attention to the organizational, legal and financial aspects.


The main Water management strategy of the Urban Water Cycle consists of:

  • Implementing and testing of several measures in order to better understand and control runoff patterns.
  • Exchange of expertise with all involved stakeholders, for an optimal water management. Not only on a local level but information exchange should take place on an international scale.

An action plan was developed for three catchment in Hamburg, they are:

(Mittlere Bille catchment, Isebekkanal catchment and Wandsbeker catchment).

Each Catchment has its own specific situation however, the main common problem consist of deterioration of water quality resulting from system overload.

This phenomenon was particularly aggravated in combined sewage system where peak flows needed to be assessed and controlled.

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Dr.-Ing. Harald Sommer
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Dipl.-Ing. Mike Post
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