The Stormwater Experts

Nationwide stormwater management strategy and regulations

The conventional method of storm water management consisting of quickly draining the runoff from urban areas into the sewerage system has led to a variety of problems in several cities (water pollution, drainage system overload …).

Many ambitious standards and regulations are set for water treatment plants however, a large number of problems originate from the level of separate system and combined sewer system overflow where new benchmarks and regulations are needed.

Within the”UAB” commission, the study needed to evaluate and compare several internationally implemented rainwater measures. The workshops were done in cooperation with highly skilled experts in the field in order to develop a local and sustainable storm water management strategy.

In addition to this, a software based methodology needed to be implemented in order to support researchers and designers in decision making.


The reduction of urban water runoff and volumes will simultaneously reduce the pollution load which leaves an open space on what procedures to be followed in order to manage the outflow.

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