The Stormwater Experts

Integrated catchment management of the “Erpe“ watershed

Project plan

On behalf of “SenGUV” Berlin and within the project frame “Water management for the Erpe Catchment”, a new proposal for the basin was under development in collaboration with “ARGE LP&B, IPS, and UBE”.

The “Neuenhagener Mühlenfließ“(a river of “Brandenburg”, in the “Erpe” catchment) was the focus of the planning. The project areas consisted of the last 6 km along the main flow path until it pours into the estuary. A spatial development concept was needed for the realignment of the river and for the corresponding fen revitalization.


For the Re-meandering concept of the “Erpe”, several water level thresholds were elaborated, taking into consideration the expansion and the narrowing of the flow path.

A rainfall runoff model coupled with an external groundwater model were crucial for the assessment area not only in regards to flood management but also to detect further ecological issues related to water quality and potential nutrient transport changes.

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Project information

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Sieker
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Dipl.-Geogr. Stephan Bandermann
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