The Stormwater Experts

Project list

Stormwater management in the area of "Dahlwitz-Hoppegarten"

Assessment of current situation and development of eco-friendly river management measures

2000 - 2001

Townhouse Potsdam - developing measures for stormwater management

1994 - 2000

Stormwater Management concept for the residential development area Rummelsburg, Berlin

Decentralized treatment of road surface runoff with the road filter gully ”Innolet” in the city of “Hagen”

Development of a stormwater Operational Practices Guidelines

Stormwater and wastewater regulation on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency

1998 - 2009

Disconnection of the hospital from the combined system and implementation of sustainable stormwater measures

2011 - 2015

Action plan for an integrated sustainable water management in "Tempelhofer Freiheit"


Hydrological and hydraulic modelling for river restoration and flood mitigation in the “Panke” catchment