The Stormwater Experts

Stormwater concept for “Rummelsburg” Bay, Berlin

“Rummelsburg” Bay was built as one of the most attractive new residential areas in Berlin (Project of EXPO 2000).

The site includes a 130 hectares area for recreational, residential and office usage.

The new development suffers from an unsatisfactory water quality mainly due to the fact that it receives a discharge of untreated rainwater from the approximately 22 km² large catchment area of the “MHG” (Marzahn-Hohenschönhauser Grenzgraben) and appr. 9 km² large catchment area of the Ruschegraben.

The task was to develop a rainwater management concept allowing upstream water purification and infiltration in order to discharge an optimal water runoff quality into the “Rummelsburger” bay and the river "Spree".

With the use of decentralized measures in the form of:

  • Extensiv roof greenings
  • Long-term roof greenings on underground parkings
  • Separate swale-retention trench elements
  • Linked swale-retention trench systems
  • Bottom sealed swale-retention trench systems

a large portion of the precipitation runoff is treated and minimized. The Bottom sealed swale-retention trench systems have been proposed in streets and roads with high traffic load.

The measures were implemented as part of the exhibition (EXPO 2000).

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Project information

Period: 1994 - 2000

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Sieker
+49 3342 3595-0
Wasserstadt GmbH Berlin
Berliner Wasserbetriebe