The Stormwater Experts

"Friedrichshain" hospital


In the area of “Fiedrichshain” hospital and in the course of a community redevelopment, the local authorities required a sustainable water management plan for the storm water in respect to a centralized system.


The area is located on the edge of a plateau resulting from a glacial drift. In addition to this, further soil investigation and contamination explorations were needed for the site since that the upper soil layer consisted on old building material. The project area of approximately 6.5 ha, including 3.3 ha of roof and roadway area, was developed in cooperation with a landscape architecture office.


Dimensioning of a rainwater management system, in an urban environment, is tightly linked to the ratio of permeable to impermeable areas. In order to quantify and classify the sealed areas, the study was based on the latest survey plan.

Having conceptualized the measures needed, Landscape architects, working in partnership with “Ingenieurgesellschaft Sieker mbH”, bring the necessary skills to design landscapes and outdoor spaces that integrate sustainable surface water drainage and reduce the risk of flooding, whilst making best use of available land for a wide range of functions.

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Project information

Period: 1998 - 2009

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