The Stormwater Experts

Strategy and plan to achieve a higher standard of living trough on-site stormwater and wastewater management in the catchment area of Barranca Ancha, Guadalajara

The City of currently Guadalajara experiences an enormous growth in population. This rapid growth demands a change of thinking in the fields of stormwater and wastewater drainage. Currently untreated wastewater runs in the rivers and strong rainfalls frequently lead to inundations in the city. On the other hand, the groundwater table is decreasing continuously posing a thread to the cities' drinking water supply. The conventional central approaches are not able to cope with the problems stated.
Consequently a study was carried out for the catchment area of Barranca Ancha (2310 ha). For a sub-catchment (230 ha) a detailed study investigated weather on-site stormwater management and on-site wastewater management can provide a viable and sustainable solution for the immense problems.
The result of the study was, that the implementation of on-site storm- and wastewater management is feasible. The facilities have to be adapted with respect to the local climate. The (compared to Europe) higher percentage of impervious areas have to be taken into account. On-site stormwater management is especially efficient and economic for new developments.

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Project information

Period: 2008 - 2008

Dipl.-Geogr. Stephan Bandermann
+49 3342 3595-14
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Sieker
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Comision de Planeacion Urbana
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