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Stormwater concept for the construction site 11-60, Lindenhof in Berlin-Lichtenberg

Aim of the project

The HOWOGE housing association wants to redevelop the building site 11-60 in Berlin Lichtenberg. In the frame of the B-Plan (Construction Plan), the former children's hospital Lindenhof is obtained with its historic buildings and some more residential buildings shall be added. Because of higher sealing with residential buildings as well as other traffic areas a drainage concept was required.



In order to find a viable drainage concept for the B-plan area 11-60 a first inventory analysis was carried out in the area. The focus of this inventory analysis was on the hydrogeological and rainfall analysis. Also the legal requirements for the management were examined. Both the federal and the state laws focus on decentralized stormwater management in future urban drainage concepts and planning to adapt the future water balance on the site to the natural state. Therefore, a restricted discharge of 10 L/(s*ha Ared) has been specified by the Senate Department for Urban Development and Environment. The stormwater concept includes different stormwater management elements throughout the B-plan area. These include swales, swale-trench systems, trench systems, extensive and intensive green roofs and an additional storage sewer for areas which cannot be disconnected. The combination of the elements ensures the maximum runoff requested by the authority.

The stormwater management elements were designed using the hydrological software STORM for a return period of n = 0.2 a-1. The water level in the channel incl. the required storage channel was calculated with the hydrodynamic software HYSTEM-EXTRAN for n = 0.33 a-1. The concept shows a detailed scenario of the proposed stormwater management concept in the B-plan area ensuring runoff limitations.



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Project information

Period: 2015

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