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Stomwater management for “Chausseestraße , Berlin”


Located in “Chausseestrasse, Berlin”; a new building complex for the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) is being built. During the course of the project, having a total area of approximately 9.5 hectares, the restoration of ”Panke” and the implementation of a 2.5-hectare park were also considered by the State of Berlin.

Ingenieurgesellschaft Prof. Dr. Sieker mbH (IPS) was commissioned by the Department of Urban Development (SenStadt) to create a drainage concept and provide an expert opinion, in respect to water management, for the Zone 1-19. The scope of work included:

  • Assess the hydraulic performance of the existing and planned drainage systems for the area in the South of "Panke".

  • Evaluate and quantify rainfall runoff as well as maximal discharges.

  • Recommend and develop a Storm water concept for the zone 1-19.

  • Develop appropriate measures for the expansion and future planning for the south of “Panke”.

Hydraulic computation for the South of “Panke”

WASPTools (1-dimensional, steady and no uniform flow model) was used to assess the hydraulic performance and water level variations for the area in the South of “Panke”.

Water management recommendations for the planned area B

Based on the available geological data, soil infiltration capacity was found suitable for disconnecting and directly leaching rainwater from newly planned buildings.

Although groundwater levels are relatively shallow, no measurable effect was found to be influencing the underground table, this is due to the low flow load resulting from the disconnected roof areas.

Only black and grey water were drained into the system whereas rainwater was managed locally.

Water management recommendations for South of “Panke”

The expansion in the surroundings of “Schwarzen Wegs” area offered an opportunity to implement eco-friendly river management techniques required by the Water Framework Directive and by Berlin Water Legislations.

The quality of water discharged in the river was classified as harmless and was relatively suitable in respect to allowable material load. This is mainly due to the runoff generated from the lightly soiled roof gardens and the courtyards in the area.

However, the discharged flow needed optimization as it exceeded the allowable threshold of 600 l /s.

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