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In 1997 the community of “Neuenhagen” developed a rainwater concept that was compatible with the regulations at that time. However, important basics have changed since then, especially in respect to the Water Framework Directive, where there are new legal foundations for the introduction of rainwater into nature and groundwater.

Against this background, the town of “Neuenhagen” commissioned Ingenieurgesellschaft Prof. Dr. Sieker mbH with the revision and update of the rainwater concept.


The first step consisted of carrying out an inventory analysis of the study area. We focused mainly on the operational, pedological and hydrogeological aspects of the area. Likewise, the actual state of local catchments were modeled and compared with the outcomes produces in 1997.

Various GIS tools, as well as a hydrological simulation with the in-house software STORM were used all along the project frame, with a special attention to the potential of decentralization.


A decision support system was set up in order to facilitate short long-term water management.

The newly created system needed to consider local conditions as well as updated inputs for landuse and soil parameters in order to propose weighted recommendations for possible action.

The existing storm water drainage system was simulated with the Software" HYSTEM-EXTRAN" for a 3- and 5- years storm return period. Proposals to optimize the system in respect to rain water and material load were given in the form of a comprehensive report containing a detailed analysis of the current state, followed by short and long-term storm water management recommendations for the entire study area.

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Period: 2014 - 2015

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