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Climate oriented Integrated stormwater and energy efficient management plan

As part of a development plan process, the city authority of “Hamburg-Harburg” developed, in the catchment area of “Süderelbe”, an industrial park with around 27 ha total area.

To manage surface runoff a massive retention basin was planned for the area however, several limitations including the maximal allowable discharge {0.6/(s*ha)} and the high water table level favored alternative solutions.

 In addition to this, the new solution needed to address the issue of climate change and energy efficiency. For these reasons, future climatic scenarios were investigated and the outcomes were assessed to optimize the clear link and synergy between water runoff, waste water treatment and energy usage. Landuse, population and demographic changes parameters needed to be assumed, for the projected scenarios, in order to reflect the potential variations within the hydrological cycle on the catchment.

The proposed measures included:

  •   Solar panels for energy production and irrigated green roofs for runoff mitigation.
  •  Usage of cisterns; collecting roof water runoff for irrigation purposes and adiabatic cooling.

 The proposed decentralized measures not only had an effect on runoff, but also generated a significant improvement on the local micro-climate by lowering the ambient temperature.

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