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City Teltow

“Teltow” city drainage management

According to Brandenburg’s State Water Act, an update on the sewage and drainage system is required in an interval of every five years. Against this background, the water authority of “Potsdam-Mittelmark” calls for an analysis and management of its current drainage situation for issuing water rights permits.

Following this, an assessment of the current situation was needed and it included the following:

  • Creating a database for all existing storm water measures based on the area survey

  • A hydrodynamic model setup

  • A hydrological model setup for the urban areas watercourses

  • Site assessment

Based on the survey and modelling results and in respects to the recommendations of the Brandenburg’s State Water authorities the assessment needed to address the issue of climate change and sustainability.

Storm water database

Setting up the Storm water database was done with the help of ArcGIS (ESRI) and GIPS (ITWH) softwares where the following information was incorporated:

  • Storm water channels and pipes geometry (Layout, Levels, Manholes and gullies)

  • Retention basins

  • Infiltration trenches, swales and retention trenches (Which have a considerable presence in the “Teltow”)

In addition to the above information soil data and land use data were also incorporated into an ArcGIS database.

Drainage network modelling

The hydrodynamic modeling of the drainage network and its components was done with Hystem-Extran software (ITWH, version 6.x).

Hydrological modelling

To calculate the peak discharge entering the drainage system and the water balance of the site STORM  software (version XXL, IPS) was used.


The key to the success of any project is information exchanges. The tight coordination among all involved stakeholders eliminates significant barriers that could alter the assessment and solution phases for an optimal storm water management.

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Project information

Period: 2005 - 2008

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