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Flood protection concept for Oos (Baden-Baden)


In recent years, severe flood events were repeatedly observed in the “Oos” catchment.

In October 1998 the highest recorded flood occurred, bringing widespread damages in the district city of Baden-Baden. The event of 1998 was followed by further floods (December 2001 & January 2004), which required an urgent action plan in respect to flood mitigation for the catchment.

The city of Baden-Baden needed to develop a flood protection concept for the “Oos “catchment. The concept necessitated the inclusion of a versatile action plan for flood mitigation and adaptation. Furthermore, the study needed to address the current and proposed drainage strategy of the city.


The following methodology was developed for the project:

  • Analysis of historic extreme events
  • Catchment hydrology
  • Streams and flow path assessment
  • Evaluation of the existing flood protection potential
  • Determination of Hazard and damage potential
  • Resolving flood protection goals and optimal mitigation levels
  • Development of flood protection scenarios
  • Presenting the overall concept


The hydrological catchment modelling was done with “STORM” software (Ingenieurgesellschaft Prof. Dr. Sieker mbH).

The hydraulic, (1-D) water level, computation was done with “WASPtools” software (L&N Ingenieurgesellschaft).

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Project information

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Sieker
+49 3342 3595-0
Stadt Baden-Baden, Eigenbetrieb Umwelttechnik