The Stormwater Experts

Projects and References

Below is a selection of our previous and ongoing projects as well as references. In addition to reports, engineering plans, studies and general plans you may also find, in this page, interesting articles about our research projects.




2016 - 2019

Model-based city planning and application in climate change


Entwässerungskonzept für den Wohnpark Südkreuz

2005 - 2005

... unter Berücksichtigung der RW-Bewirtschaftungsart

2004 - 2012

Hochwasserschutz durch Wasserrückhalt in der Fläche

Integrated water management planning

2003 - 2004

creation of a management plan for Pilot River Basin Lusatian Neisse in accordance with the EU Water Framework Directive

2016 - 2017

Water management in the Atlas mountains

2012 - 2015

TRansitions to the Urban Services of Tomorrow