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Simulation of WWTP

Dynamic Simulation of Wastewater Treatment Plants with STOAT

The optimisation of wastewater treatment plants is our youngest business field. For this purpose we acquired STOAT -  the powerful tool for the dynamic simulation of wastewater treatment plants. We are very happy to have several companies from the chemical industry as client.

The engineering company Prof. Dr. Sieker mbH offers the following services related to the software package STOAT from the company WRc Plc:

  • creation of a wastewater treatment plant models

  • processing of measured values to produce input files

  • implementation of computer runs and calibration of the models

  • optimisation of the WWTP based on the calibrated model

  • calculating the effects of possible design changes of the system or different operating modes (modified tank divisions, extensions, shutdown of tanks, etc.)

  • Handover executable models, analyzes and proposals for action

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