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Sewer Simulation

We carry out sewer simulations in the context of planning and renovation of sewer systems or property drainage. We do not just focus on the sewer system, but rather in connection with its natural catchment, rivers, WWTP and SUDS.
For the sewer simulation we use the most modern planning tools, such as hydrodynamic sewer network models, 2D surface runoff models or long-term continuum simulation - especially in-house model STORM.

Our service includes:

  • construction of sewer network models

  • hydrodynamic sewer simulation with HYSTEM-EXTRAN, DHI MOUSE and SWMM

  • development of remediation concepts

  • planning of drainage systems

  • flood forecasting systems for sewer networks

  • flood protection concepts for sewer networks

  • general drainage planning model coupled with rainfall-runoff models (STORM, NASIM)

  • model coupling with 2D flooding calculations (FloodArea)

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