The Stormwater Experts

Planning of Stormwater Management

The planning of sustainable urban drainage systems for stormwater management such as swale-trench systems is one of our core expertise. Here we have many years of experience in operational terms - as probably few other planning offices in Germany.

We work closely with landscape architects and urban planners in many stormwater projects and are familiar with the planning processes (urban competitions, development planning, scoping, etc.).

For the planning of stormwater management systems we use the most modern planning tools, including simulation models - carried out by our in-house software STORM - and geographic information systems.

Although specialized in the early planning stages (concepts, master plans, preliminary planning), we can offer you services on further planning phases (design, construction design). However, if desired, we will work in the planning stage with local planners together.

We managed to achieve numerous projects for rainwater management
in the urban area of Berlin in recent years. We would be happy to present you these facilities as part of an on site visit. If you are interested, feel free to contact us!

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