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Filter system for street runoff

The retrofittable street inlet filter INNOLET was developed in 2001 by the Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH Prof. Sieker. Tested and thoroughly investigated, INNOLET continues to evolve. In addition to a gutter system, implemented at the beginning of the development, the drum type filter can be retrofitted and used in existing and already built road gullies.

INNOLET for dry gullies

The main advantage of this filtering system is the possibility of retrofitting the filter into existing street inlets. This can be done both in dry and in wet gullies due to the sludge collecting chamber. For dry gully, the system consists of a filter with an upstream coarse dirt bucket.

The system for wet gully, uses the sludge collecting space for pre-purification. The water is then purified through the filter.

INNOLET cleaning system

For maintenance, a cleaning system is available, it eliminates most of the fine materials covering the filter surface. The filter is then replaced once a year, to allow optimum water treatment performance.

Implementation in Berlin

The distribution and supply of the filter system is ongoing, since 2008, by the company "Funke". The filter is now being used all around Germany. Users include the city of Hagen, City of Hamburg, the city of Bielefeld and the State of Berlin.

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