The Stormwater Experts

Hydraulic Calculations

We have long experience in fluid dynamics and in design and calculation of hydrodynamic models. Streams and hydraulic structures such as diversions, polders and flood retention basins are among the most studied objects. Depending on the project requirements we use 1D models (HEC-RAS, WaspTools, Kalypso, Mike11) or 2D models (InfoWorks, FloodArea, Hydro-AS_2D).

Our services include among others, the following calculations:

  • hydraulic profiles

  • stage-discharge relation
  • hydraulic capacity of reaches / structures

  • hydraulic design of semi-natural bank protections

  • erosion / sediment transport

  • flood areas

  • optimisation of lateral weirs

  • hydraulic Optimization of droad-crested weirs

  • hydraulic design of flood protection measures (local protection)

  • flow paths analysis (1D) / surface flow modeling (2D)

  • hazard maps for urban storm

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