The Stormwater Experts

Products and Services

We offer numerous products and services in the field of water and rainwater. In addition to the technical solutions such as Innodrain® or Innolet® and our Software (STORM, ZUGABE, etc.) we provide design and consulting services to various water management issues.


Our planning services

We plan your stormwater system - From local installations to citywide systems, we have a flair for network optimization and strategic planning!


Stormwater consultancy

We advise on the subject of stormwater - for example, implementation of decentralized concepts as well as costs implications.


We do research and development

In recent years we have been involved in numerous research projects for urban water management.


Innodrain, Innolet, Tree-system

Retention, infiltration, evaporation, treatment - We offer innovative solutions for the stormwater management!


Modeling, design & GIS

Our software are extremely reliable in solving tough challenges for a wide range of water related situations!


We provide training and support

Lectures, courses, customized training - we offer intensive and flexible sessions as well as continuing education!