The Stormwater Experts


18.06.2024: Online-Conference LIFE in COOL CITY


Cities are currently facing multiple environmental challenges, making the use of nature-based solutions as a highly promising approach to support urban adaptation to climate change.

During the conference, we will discuss how to strengthen the development of blue-green infrastructure in terms of five factors that build a city's adaptive potential, namely: land sealing, urban heat island, the state of blue infrastructure, the state of green infrastructure, and the state of biodiversity. It will be an occasion to exchange views and experiences about the identification of city needs in terms of climate change adaptation, the development of a blue-green infrastructure management strategies and the monitoring of the effectiveness of its implementation.

Throughout the event, city representatives will learn how they can engage in consultancy activities related to the LIFECOOLCITY project and receive a free analysis of the state of the blue-green infrastructure in their city.

The conference will be conducted in Polish, with English translation available. Due to the fact that the conference is international, the registration form is in English. Register here





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