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Dynamic WWTP Simulation

Purpose of Dynamic Simulation of WWTP

Computer technology and mathematical models are indispensable today in innovative industries and companies. Navigation in the car, computer models to support medical operations, weather forecasts for the management of water resources are just example samples.

Mathematical models have now reached a stage where they can be used for practical operation profitably, on a wastewater treatment plant level.

Based on activated sludge models ASM1, 2, 2d and 3 vary from simple to complex systems, used for the municipal mapping and testing. They can be implemented for any configuration within the industrial sector, for an optimized hydraulic, material and energy process.

Here are examples of dynamic loadable WWTP simulation applications:

  • Prediction of the expected effluent quality at end-of –pipe

  • Studies whether additional waste water streams can be recorded / plant operation in case of malfunctions

  • Installations optimization

  • Investigations on the process / plant operation, when certain parts of the plant have to be made temporarily out of service

  • "De-bottlenecking" - identifying bottlenecks to increase sewage treatment capacity

  • Studies on WWTP expansion or process changes

  • Considerations for dismantling or disorders

  • Improving safety processes

  • Improving energy efficiency

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