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In many cases, it is advisable to infiltrate the precipitated water by means of decentralized infiltration systems back into groundwater. However; there are a number of technical considerations to keep in mind with using infiltration components.

Most often, accurate permeability data of soil and subsoil is not possible. Here are some solutions consisting of a combination of; storage, infiltration and throttled discharge.

A swale-trench system is a component that allows for the passage of water through the top soil of the swale into a permeable trench zone where water is either infiltrated into deeper layers of throttled to a river or a drainage element.
The combination of the swale-trench system with gutters, ditches, wells and ponds permits a wide flexibility in regards to aesthetic and urban design options. Not to mention coupling with cisterns for rainwater harvesting purposes, the possibilities are limitless.

Seepage measures apply as compensatory measures for soil sealing by Federal Nature Conservation Acts and the nature conservation laws of countries.

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