The Stormwater Experts

Conventional Drainage Systems

If stormwater needed to be diverged away from residential areas it does not need to be always in underground networks. Several options exists in draining stormwater with open channels, depressions and swales

There are many beautiful and historic examples as the "Bächle" in (Freiburg), or the “Alhmabra” in (Spain). KEHR [1957] has already more than 50 years ago, presented a draft on new residential area, discussing the open channel drainage systems as an important component.

Stormwater can be discharged via open channels, shallow swales or trenches, which can be, if necessary, covered entirely or partially (eg Box channels). If underground pipe dissipation occurs, a throttle device can be implemented for containment and flow control.


  • KEHR [1957]: Wasserwirtschaftliche Vorplanung für das Siedlungsvorhaben Neue Stadt Heitlingen, Forschungs- und Stadtentwicklung e.V. Hannover

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