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Concepts for River Basin Management


Much progress has been made in water protection in Europe, in individual Member States, but also in tackling significant problems at European level.

The EU framework directive overall objectives of a “good ecological status” apply in principle for all waters. The plan will include analysis of the flowing: the river basin's characteristics, a review of the impact of human activity on the status of waters in the basin, estimation of the effect of existing legislation and the remaining "gap" to meeting these objectives; and a set of measures designed to fill the gap.

The evaluation of waters is no longer oriented at national borders, but is based on hydrological basins; however the management and action plans are organized at the country level. For single or multiple, hydrologically interlinked sub-basins several River Basin Management Concepts are created.

Implementing water development concepts

The contents of the comprehensive water development concepts can be divided into four core areas:

1)     Defining and of development goals

2)     Assessment of the current state / deficit analysis

3)     Derivation of measures

4)     Communication of the concept



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