The Stormwater Experts

Goals of RW-management

A modern stormwater management approach is now being pursued for multiple targets. Planning processes are much more complex than in the past, where drainage safety was the sole objective of infrastructure planning.

Decentralized stormwater management systems have been successfully designed and incorporated into an increasing number of developments from residential schemes and schools to motorway service areas and commercial properties.

The goals of a modern stormwater management approach is not simply ensuring a good drainage:

  • Water pollution through stormwater discharges should be avoided.
  • Stormwater drains must be limited so that no flood tightening and overflow occurs.

  • The natural water cycle should not be affected even after increase in urban development. This concerns both the component of "infiltration" (in order to ensure sufficient groundwater recharge) and the component of "evaporation" (by making a positive contribution leading to better urban micro-climate).

  • Facilities for stormwater management should be efficient, both in terms of production and operation. This also includes a high flexibility and adaptability potential in respect to changing boundary conditions.



Specific targets

It is not enough anymore to only describe the various objectives. It is necessary that objectives are set by concrete targets. Just as the objectives, in the planning and approval process, are actually taken into account.

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