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Legal Basis

In this section, an overview of the legal basis is given in regards to stormwater management.

Attention is paid to the relevant EU directives, federal and state government water laws as well as regulations for water pollution control. At present legislative targets and strategies for the desired water protection levels are already set and formulated.

The instruments that are defined and described, by which targets attainment is achieved, are discussed in the topic of stormwater management. These instruments are; the action plans, the sewage disposal concept and the general drainage plan.  A legally binding definition of the general drainage plan does not exist otherwise.

In addition to the statutory requirements, the generally recognized rules (a.a R. d. T.) play a crucial role in practical work. In regards to stormwater management, rules of technology are mainly manifested in regulations from DWA, BWK and FGSV and from EU / DIN standards.

The most important rules are constantly being presented and critically discussed. The amount of regulations and legislations is enormous in Germany nowadays; engineers are most of the time troubled while dealing with this legal diversity. On the other hand, considering the legal framework is essential for a practical treatment of main issues.



Gesetzliche Grundlagen auf europäischer, nationaler und regionaler Ebene

Technical rules in connection with the issue of Stormwater

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