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Wastewater Treatment

Measures to Optimise Wastewater Treatment

In this section, an overview of the different wastewater treatment sectors is given. The subcategories shown here contain crucial information for optimising emissions from the sewage water system. We will not only point out methodologies in regards to energy efficiency, but also in creating a wastewater registers compliant with “Annex 22”, of the German Wastewater Regulation (AbwV), along with information on dynamic WWTP simulation.

These instruments are used to classify wastewater streams and recycle emissions for environmental protection purposes. They can also reduce water emissions from combined and municipal systems - which will optimize energy consumption at the treatment plant level.

More detailed information can be found in the following links.

Emissions and energy optimization of WWTP

Optimizing energy efficiency of wastewater treatment plants

Creation of official wastewater registers

Hollistic emission optimisation of WWTP and sewers

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