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Here you will find information about our consulting services and software solutions, as well as news and professional information in the subject areas of drainage basins, rainwater management, combined sewage treatment and Geographical Information Systems.

The contents have been collected over many years, in the wake of numerous research and practical projects.

Avoid disadvantages of conventional drainage by using decentralized rainwater management systems

Legal foundations for dealing with rainwater and protecting watersheds at a European, federal and state wide level

Valuable information on decentralized measures with a focus on dimensioning, costs, water management effects, etc.

Possibilities of rainwater treatment in; combined or separate system - centralized or decentralized systems, are limitless

Innovative planning tools for drainage systems optimization by storage management or decoupling techniques

Dynamic simulation of WWTP, wastewater register and various additional technical information on wastewater treatment

Measures for water management in agricultural areas - Solutions for maintaining a sustainable rural water system

Methods and measures to management water supplies for a "good ecological status" - the aim of the EU Water Framework Directive

Measures and methods to minimize the risk of floods – Technical tools for mitigation and adaptation

Urban climate, retention during heavy rain - the water balance, in the planning stage, is a discrete criterion increasingly important

The content affiliated with this page has been collected over many years in the course of various research and several projects. The individual contributions are structured hierarchically in a way that parent texts describe briefly the content that is further detailed in the hierarchy course track.

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